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Managing Director
Management Cosultant


Founder and Managing Director of Capella Consulting. He has led the organisation for over 15 successful years, playing a key role in both acquisition and delivery. Eamonn has a thorough understanding of service delivery maturity in IT and is passionate about leveraging that to each customer’s benefit. He has strong thought leadership and provides innovative solutions to business problems.

Development Manager
Technical Consultant


Kerry is responsible for the design, development and operations of Capella Consulting’s intelligence platform Lead-BI. Kerry specialises in business service management solutions and reporting solution design. He is passionate about providing business’ with effective, affordable and accessible reporting that has real business benefit. Kerry has extensive experience in enterprise management and monitoring tools, helping our customers realise the true value of their investments.

Business Analyst


Matthew is a business analyst with strong technical skills specialising in data analysis and data reporting; translating stakeholders requirements into reporting deliverables; developing performance metrics, supporting data integration requirements and evaluating new technologies so as to ensure the advancement of technology architecture and data meets an organization’s Business Intelligence needs. Matthew is creative, responsive and adaptive, with excellent communication skills.

ICT Consultant


Jimi’s experience spans over 25 years in the IT industry. He has successfully delivered a broad range of business critical solutions by managing programmes and projects; contributing to them through consulting and design capacities in both public and private sector roles.
His key experience encompasses Software and Product development, systems integration and infrastructure management.
Having work in a broad range of industries from financial services to Telecommunications, Jimi has mastered both the soft skills in business analysis to the more technical delivery focused.

Full Stack Developer


Rubin is a key cog in reshaping Capella Consulting’s TechSafe Portal website. He is responsible for web and mobile security - in both project implementation and in the provision of operational services. Rubin focuses on modernizing our web experience to give customers a smoother experience as well as managing and patching our servers.

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