Support Policy


Support Policy

This support policy details the support services, contact information, and best practices for contacting Capella Customer Support to help facilitate effective responses and issue resolution to our customer’s support needs.


.1 Documentation means the designated final user manuals, handbooks, online materials, specifications or forms furnished by Capella that describe the features, functionality or operation of the Capella System.

.2 Error means a reproducible defect in the Capella System when operated on a Supported Environment, which causes the Capella System not to operate substantially in accordance with the Documentation.

1.3 Capella System means the current release of the Capella software as used in accordance with all applicable terms.

1.4 Resolution or Service Level Objective (SLO) means a modification or workaround to the Capella System and/or Documentation provided by Capella to customer intended to resolve an Error, in accordance with the times set forth in Section 5.6 of this policy.

1.5 Response Time means the reasonable commercial efforts Capella employs to deliver a non-automated response to a case based on the Priority level of that case, in accordance with the times set forth in Section 5.6 of this policy.

1.6 Update means a release of the software which Capella generally makes available to its customers at no additional license fee. Updates shall not include any release, option or future product which Capella licenses separately from its Support Services for an additional fee. At the sole discretion of Capella, periodic updates to the Capella System may incorporate (a) corrections of any substantial Errors, (b) fixes of any minor bugs, and (c) enhancements to the Capella System.



2.1 Support: Capella may provide electronic, email, or telephone support to Customers in order to:

    1.Clarify the Documentation, functions and features of the Capella System;
    2.Guide Customers in operation of the Capella System;
    3.Assist Customers in identifying and verifying the causes of suspected Errors in the Capella System; and
    4.Advise on possibly bypassing identified Errors in the Capella System.

2.2 Resolution of Errors: Capella will provide an initial automated response acknowledging Errors reported by Customer in accordance with the Response Times listed in section 5.6. Thereafter, Capella will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Resolution to Errors no later than the times set out in Resolution SLOs provided in the table set forth in Section 5.6 of this policy.

Without limiting the foregoing, if an Error in the software occurs, Capella will use commercially reasonable efforts to identify and troubleshoot the Error in accordance with the terms of the Support Policy unless and until Capella determines that the Error encountered by Customer is related to or as a result of a change made by Customer to the Capella System, including the supported platform. Following such a determination, Customer will pay Capella for all time spent by Capella to resolve the Error and stabilize the system at a rate of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY DOLLARS ($120.00) per hour plus expenses. In order to resolve the Error, Capella may revert any such changes made by Customer by reverting to last known good state of Customer’s data that was previously backed up.

2.3 Exceptions: Capella shall have no responsibility under this Support Policy to provide Support Services or to fix any Errors arising out of or related to any of the following causes:

    1. Customer’s modification of the Capella System (in whole or in part)
    2. Use of the Capella System in an environment other than a Supported Environment
    3. Customer’s hardware or environment
    4. Customer’s failure to follow documented procedure or
    5. Any release of the Capella System other than the most current release

2.4 Excluded Support Services: The following are not supported customer service requests:

    1. Assistance with password resets. Customers should click the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page or contact their System administrator;
    2. Assistance with Customer username. Customers should contact their System administrator;
    3. Assistance with Capella System lockouts due to incorrect login attempts. Customers should contact their System administrator to unlock the account, or wait for the lockout period to expire;
    4. Assistance in developing user-specific customizations;
    5. Assistance with non-Capella products, services or technologies, including implementation, administration or use of third-party enabling technologies such as databases, computer networks or communications systems;
    6. Developer Support including custom configuration of application, assistance with application integrations, whether authored by Capella, User or a third party; or
    7. Assistance with installation or configuration of hardware, including computers, hard drives, networks or printers.

2.5 Additional Support Services: Capella may, by separate agreement with Customer, provide services (including on-site support) that are beyond the scope of the services described in this Policy.


3.1 Supervision and Management: Customer is responsible for undertaking the proper supervision, control and management of its use of the Capella System, including, but not limited to: (a) assuring proper Supported Environment configuration, Capella System installation and operating methods; and (b) following industry standard procedures for the security of data, accuracy of input and output, and back-up plans, including restart and recovery in the event of hardware or software error or malfunction.

3.2 Training: Customer is responsible for proper training of all appropriate personnel in the operation and use of the Capella System and associated equipment.

3.3 Service Access: Customer will provide to Capella access to its system(s) used to connect to the Capella System covered by this Support Policy via the internet o other mutually agreeable means for purposes of providing Support Services. If Customer does not provide Capella with access to its systems, Capella may not be able to meet the SLOs provided in Section 5.6 of this policy.


If Customer is using the Capella System hosted by Customer on Customer premises, the following provisions in this Section will also apply.

4.1 Service Access: Customer will provide to Capella access to its system(s) used to connect to the Capella System covered by this Support Policy via the internet or other mutually agreeable means for purposes of providing Support Services. If Customer does not provide Capella with access to its systems, Capella may not be able to meet the SLOs provided in Section 2.2 above.

4.2 Access to Personnel and Equipment: Customer shall provide Capella with access to Customer’s personnel and its equipment for the purpose of satisfying its obligations hereunder. If such access is not provided, Capella may not be able to meet the SLO provided in Section 5.6 of this policy. This access must include the ability to remotely access the equipment on which the Supported Programs are operating and to obtain the same access to the applicable equipment. Capella will inform Customer of the specifications of the remote access methods available and associated software needed, and Customer will be responsible for the costs and use of said equipment.

4.3 Designated Contact: Customer shall notify Capella of its Designated Contact. To the maximum extent possible, Customer’s communications with Capella will be through this Designated Contact.

4.4 On-Premises Updates: Capella will provide Updates for the Supported Programs as and when developed for general release in Capella’s sole discretion. Each Update will consist of a set of programs and files made available electronically and will be accompanied by Documentation adequate to inform Customer of the problems resolved and any significant operational differences resulting therefrom. If Customer receives Updates from Capella, Customer agrees to install and implement each such Update within thirty (30) days of receipt.

4.5 On-Premises Supported Releases: Capella will provide support to the latest release and the three (3) previous versions of the prior releases. Customers running versions prior to the supported releases will be prompted to upgrade to a supported version prior to Capella providing support for the reported issue.

4.6 Travel and Other Expenses: Support Services provided hereunder shall be provided at Capella’s principal place of business. Should Customer request that Capella send personnel to Customer’s location to resolve any Error, Customer shall pay Capella’s reasonable travel, meals and lodging expenses. Under such circumstances, Customer shall also pay actual costs for supplies and other expenses reasonably incurred by Capella, which are not of the sort normally provided or covered by Capella, provided that Customer has approved in advance the purchase of such supplies and other expenses. If Customer so requires, Capella shall submit written evidence of each expenditure to Customer prior to receiving reimbursement of such costs and expenses.


5.1 Rights to Capella Support: To receive technical support, Customer must either:

    – Have a current support agreement; or
    – Have a fully paid up subscription to the Capella System; or
    – Have registered for a trial subscription and currently be in your evaluation period.

5.2 Capella Service Desk: The service desk is available via:

  • Emailing a support request to, or
  • Submitting requests online at

To ensure that Capella can address Customer’s issue quickly and efficiently, Customer should:

  • Have the Support Request Number when calling about an existing case.
  • Be at the computer where the Capella product is running and have a copy of the product documentation at hand.

If Customer has an urgent request, they should call Capella on +64 4 382 8096.
5.3 Required Information to Log a Support Request: When submitting a support request, Customer needs to provide the following information:

  • Company name and contact details (e.g., name, phone number and email address).
  • Full description of the problem
  • Service Request Number (if this is a continuation of an existing request)


5.4 How Requests are Logged and Tracked: For each specific support request, a Support ticket will be created and assigned a tracking number. If Customer contacts Capella with several different issues, Capella may create different numbers to track each issue. Customer should make a note of the Service Request Number, and provide it on any subsequent contacts regarding the issue.

5.5 Support Service Availability: Capella’s support services are available from 9am to 5pm NZDT Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays (“support hours”).

5.6 Response and Resolution Times: A response means that we respond to your request, acknowledge your issue, and assign a Service Request Number. In some cases, we may need to obtain additional information from you in order to troubleshoot or resolve the issue. The table below outlines the different priority levels of service requests and targeted service request response and resolution times. Targeted response and resolution times apply only to service requests submitted during posted support hours.

Request priorityRequest DescriptionResponse Time SLOResolution Time SLO
LowUsed for cosmetic issues, feature requests, product enhancements, and all non-critical or non-time sensitive issues.36 support hoursAt Capella’s discretion
MediumNon-critical failure of product functionality that has no significant effect on productivity or overall product usage. This includes issues that have workarounds.24 support hours72 support hours
HighFailure of primary functionality of product with no or only partial workaround that impairs product usage in the long term8 support hours48 support hours
UrgentCritical failure of product, including crashes or hangs, which will impact revenue or profitability either immediately or in the very short term.1 support hours24 support hours

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